The Murverse

Ditch Diggers #021 —

DD021 End of Year Review

with Matt Wallace

Show Notes

Matt and I look at our careers, what happened this year, and what will happen next year.

  • Morgan Freeman’s private plane was crippled after landing on an armadillo and Mur and Matt discuss the potential of armadillos both as next-gen super soldiers and the basis for a SyFy movie about next-gen super soldier armadillos.

  • Podcasters recording and releasing episodes out of order (Matt is very insistent Mur think fourth-dimensionally like in Back to the Future III).

  • On the end of the year (but NOT the end of the world).

  • Mur and Matt review the year they’ve had as pro writers.

  • Matt on a “building/set-up” year for his career (Mur disagrees with this assessment), making book deals, signing with a new agent and manager, and returning to fiction publishing as a way to reignite his film and television writing.

  • Mur on her own “building” year for her career (Matt also disagrees with this assessment), submitting/pitching proposals, losing some confidence, her new deal with Orbit, and Bookburners, and building her backbone up.

  • Matt makes a case for Mur’s year as a “RE-building” year, dragon-ing up, and rebounding.

  • Mur recaps the exciting Bookburners project for which she’s writing.

  • Mur on working with the right agent.

  • Matt and Mur talk about their concrete business plans for their pro writing careers over the next year, including their plans for Ditch Diggers.

  • Awards Eligibility: Ditch Diggers is eligible for potentially two Hugos! Figure out which one and vote for it if you’re able! [EDIT- Twitter talk is leaning toward Fancast] Also, Nebulas and any other award you think Ditch Diggers should win!

  • The final Q&A of the year!

The fine print:

Theme music by Devo Spice.

Ditch Diggers #021 by Mur Lafferty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Creative Commons License

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