ISBW #279 – Self Esteem and dealing with followers/listeners/reviews

It’s another rapid fire episode! I talk, well, read the dang headline! There’s not much more to say! I’m trying not to obsess about reviews, listener numbers, etc.

Random thoughts – Podcast reach, missing files, and 2013 events/appearances

I was looking at my stats today. I don’t like looking at my numbers, as they haven’t really done much in the past several years. I hit a plateau of listeners and didn’t really budge.

And yeah, “Do more regular shows,” is the clear answer. I know. I know.

But I decided to peek at them today. January had a noted increase from December, and Feb looks like it might just outpace January. So that was cool. Then I found out Libsyn gives a neato map of your podcast reach. So here are the people listening to ISBW:

Click on image to embiggen.

Click on image to embiggen.

I was delighted with all of the listeners in the Southern Hemisphere, I usually hear from Australia and New Zealand, I didn’t know I had listeners in South America and most of Africa. Of course, now I’m looking at the little white countries and wondering if anyone knows anyone in Greenland, or Suriname, or Ethiopia to spread the message of I Should Be Writing?

People are bringing to my attention that there were files on the poor departed website that died in the destruction of the site. One of the things was a critique sheet given to me by, I believe, my producer Patrick Hester. I’ve found a copy and am uploading it again, you can find it here. Critique Template Word

I’ll be including my appearances this year on a permanent page shortly, but I wanted to mention now that I have the following cons/appearances coming up:

ISBW #278 – Rapid Fire – Style Sheets

I am doing some rapid-fire shows this week, to catch up on things and to give you some content. I talk style sheets in this one, hope you like!

I mention VooDooPad, one of my favorite wiki programs.

ISBW #274 – Feedback

When I get to the feedback questions in a timely manner, the shows are a lot shorter!

How to find a literary agent:

And also: Elizabeth Bear on auctorial constructs.

ISBW #273 – Publishing talk and David Lubar Interview

The show brings children’s and YA author David Lubar to the mic, along with my daughter Princess Scientist to kick us off with a “no offense” question.

Things we discuss in the show: Publishing, Nathan Bransford’s report about B&N, and David Lubar!

Attack of the Ninja Weenies

Beware the Ninja Weenies

ISBW 270- Podcasting Your Work, LIVE at Stonecoast with James Patrick Kelly

One of my favorite guest stars, Jim Kelly, and I did a presentation on podcasting as another form of self publishing at Stonecoast, and part of the presentation was a live ISBW in front of the audience. Thanks to everyone for being a great audience, and thanks to Jim!

At Long Last, the Magic Spreadsheet!

I interviewed Tony Pisculli about the “Magic Spreadsheet” the only thing in the entire history of history that has gotten me to write every day since Dec. 3 (nearly 24000 words). I’ve written on sick days, travel days, residency days, and holidays. It may not work for everyone but it’s sure as hell worked for me. So here’s a short interview of Tony and I walking and talking about the magic spreadsheet (hence the change in background noise) and below is the link to the magic spreadsheet. Add your name at the bottom (and if you feel like it, put ISBW next to your name so I can follow who’s tracking) and start tracking! And it goes without saying, but don’t mess with anyone else’s numbers.

The Magic Spreadsheet — UPDATED LINK AUG 12, 2014