Ditch Diggers #4: Far too late

Matt and I talk SFWA’s new concept of pro, covers, and your questions. And dammit, I also forgot to post this one, so it’s old, and you can hear Matt mock me for it in DD5, coming very soon!

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ISBW #343: Resistance : Michael Underwood Interview

I talk about resistance and the book The War of Art, and then interview author Michael Underwood.


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Ditch Diggers #003: A Very Special Episode with Booze (and Kameron Hurley and Chuck Wendig)

There were guest authors, and there was booze. Kameron got silly and Mur lost the hosting thread along the way. But boy howdy did we dig some ditches and talk about down parts of our career and up sides.

And many are asking for an RSS feed for the show. We aren’t on iTunes yet, but this will work for now.


ISBW #341 – Happy New Year (Yeah, I know)

So last week when I was working to put a bunch of audio on my site, I got a bit lost and didn’t manage to actually post ISBW. Too many shows going on right now, I guess. So, uh, here is my Happy New Year post, and #342 that I recorded today will go up on Friday.

ISBW: Ditch Diggers #2 – Making money is BAD

Matt takes the helm with the debate over writers attacking other writers about how they make money. In short, if you don’t support a Kickstarter, don’t fucking support it. Authors who have used kickstarter the way Stacey Jay has: Tim Pratt, Chuck Wendig, and me. And I’m pretty sure none of us got attacked for it.

Also I’m planning on doing it again. Should I prepare for legendary harassment from the “YA community?”

Anyway. Explicit. Just like everything Matt is in.

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ISBW #340 – End of the Year, Feedback

I’m doing the wacky thing of taking some time off this holiday season, no writing, little recording, and no stress thinking about writing and recording. This is a Big Deal.

Then we talk feedback! Happy holidays and I will see you in January!

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ISBW #339 – Ditch Diggers Sneak Peek!

I talk jealousy and show a peek at the new show I’m doing next year, Ditch Diggers. It’s still about writing, but it’s brutally honest, not clean, and with co-host Matt Wallace.

I figured, today being my 10th year anniversary of podcasting, I should unveil something big.

If you like it, subscribe! If you don’t like it, don’t worry, Matt and I won’t force you to listen. This will be the first and last Ditch Diggers in the feed.

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Happy December! Happy Advent Calendar Season!

Many updates!

I haven’t talked about it much (Bad Mur!) but I’m the new co-host of the spec fic arm of the Carolina Bookbeat show on WCOM in Carrboro, NC, along with Sam Montgomery-Blinn. We talk every first Monday of the month about speculative fiction books. You can listen live on the radio, online, or download our podcast.

Seeing as how I’m in Carrboro for half the first Monday of the month (this includes driving time and lunch time) it pretty much destroys my day. I’m trying to get Ghost Train to New Orleans episodes up on Monday, but every 4th week (like, say, this one) it will have to be Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Same for I Should Be Writing, incidentally. I have a new computer coming, and that should make recording much easier. Tomorrow or Wednesday there should be new awesomeness. At least on my end. On your end things will sound the same.

NaNoWriMo was a failure, again, but I got around 30k words for the month, which is much better than my usual average. I consider it a win.

Speaking of writing, it’s the holidays and it’s time to buy presents for loved ones. And books make great gifts! Signed books, even!

Lastly, it’s Advent season again, and we are celebrating with a new year of our Advent Calendar podcast, inspired by Grant’s Advent Calendar. This year’s theme is Radio World, and my daughter Fiona will be doing an old timey radio drama, every voice. We have permission from the awesome John Anealio to use his “Batman Smells (A Rebuttal)” as our theme song again! Additional content includes graphics from RexWolf2 and music from Kevin MacLeod, both used under Creative Commons licenses. You can see our first episode below, and subscribe with this feed: