ISBW #330 – Amazon vs Hachette // Kirsty Logan Interview

I have a couple of horses in this Amazon vs Hachette race, and although I will admit I don’t fully understand all the details, I will say that I really dislike absolutes.

On a brighter note, we talk to Kirsty Logan!

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My return to Escape Artists

If you don’t listen reguarly to Escape Pod, you may not know that I have recently returned to Escape Artist’s staff as Editor at Large. What that means will become more clear in months ahead, I’m working on some behind the scenes stuff, and will take on some hosting duties on all of the EA shows (Escape Pod, Podcastle, Pseudopod).

I had to leave because when I was in grad school, something had to give, and it broke my heart to leave my editorial position at Escape Pod, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be back with the awesome Escape Artists!

ISBW #328 – Taking Care of Yourself // Gail Carriger interview

This week we welcome Gail Carriger back to the show, and talk about taking care of yourself. Hint- it’s not romantic to treat yourself like crap in order to brag that you’re not sleeping or drinking too much in order to feel like a “real” writer.

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Women are destroying science fiction. Resistance is useless.

WDSFLightspeed magazine decided last year to do a magazine of SF created entirely by women. Some bigots in the industry believe that we are ruining the genre with our icky fallopian tubes and our breast milk spraying everywhere and should just sit down and shut up. So, we have decided to let their prophecy come to pass. We have decided to completely destroy science fiction.

Guest edited by the amazing Christie Yant, this month’s magazine has many more stories as usual (from Seanan McGuire! Charlie Jane Anders! James Tiptree, Jr! NK Jemisin! Amal El-Mohtar! Nonfic from Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam! And more more more!) , over 180,000 words of content, and twice as many stories podcasted as usual, and that’s where I have the honor of coming in. I am the guest host of this month’s podcasts, taking over from Jim Freund. So if you miss my intros from Escape Pod and Pseudopod, this is where you can find me for a month at least, introducing some amazing stories.

You can find out how to get the magazine – and its unprecedented print copy! – at Lightspeed’s website where you can subscribe, get the podcast, or leave a comment about how icky girls are getting their cooties all over your space ships. But we’re coming.

Resistance is useless Vogon(And I kept waiting for someone to “well, actually” me and say the phrase is “resistance is futile” and then I would point out that I was quoting Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I love the Vogon guard, who knows exactly what he wants out of life – and not Star Trek, but then no one, did, and my defense went pffffftttt. But I do have this neat image from the classic BBC series.