Mothership Zeta Issue 4 released

Cover4One of the problems of doing a lot of projects is forgetting to promote all of them!

Issue 4 of our quarterly ezine, Mothership Zeta, is out now! Check it out!

MZ tries to bring fun fiction, which doesn’t always mean funny, and doesn’t always mean slapstick, and definitely doesn’t always mean appropriate for kids. We offer SF, fantasy, and horror, every quarter. We also have a nonfiction section, including work by Astronomer/Podcaster Dr. Pamela Gay, and a Story Doctor column by James Patrick Kelly where he talks about one story in the magazine and why it works as a fun piece. (Hint- writers can seriously learn from this man.)

It’s only $2.99 USD! Check it out!


Mothership Zeta launches!

This past weekend, the project I’ve been working on for a year finally got off the ground! The Escape Artist’s ezine, Mothership Zeta, launched on Halloween. It features fiction, nonfiction, and an original cover by Hugo-award-winning artist Frank Wu. My team (Karen Bovenmyer, Sunil Patel, Mat Weller, and a hoard of slushers) has worked very hard on this for a while, and we’re so happy to have it launch.

Short Story-arama #1 – MOTHERSHIP ZETA

Mothership-ColorTexture-1x300dpiI mentioned it a while back, but now it’s for real: I’m editor in chief of Escape Artists’ new project, the Mothership Zeta ezine. We are on the second half of a two week open submission period, and I wanted to blog about it here in case people didn’t hear about it somewhere else.

What we want: fun stories. They can be SF, fantasy, horror, whatever as long as it’s spec fic. Fun doesn’t mean silly (but it can), it doesn’t mean humorous (but it can), and it doesn’t even mean happy ending (although usually it does. Cabin in the Woods is my example of fun story that’s also horror and has an unhappy ending.) Who can you read to get an idea of what makes a¬†fun story? John Scalzi¬†and Connie Willis leap to mind immediately.

Anyway, the basic site of Mothership Zeta is live, with submission guidelines, FAQ, and all that.

I’m excited!