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My 2007 novel about superheroes with crappy powers, Playing For Keeps, is now part of the Indie Superhero Bundle! You can get several indie books (all listed below!) through this bundle, and help a charity like Girls Write Now! Pay what you want, but if your purchase price beats $12, you get Shero by Jack Wallen, The Strike Trilogy by Charlie Wood, Supervillainous by Mike Leon and Playing For Keeps by me!


Short Story-arama #2 Electric Boogaloo* – Onward, Drake!

Last year I was pleased to be invited to an anthology to honor the writer David Drake. While we both do the same job (one of us is much, much more successful than the other), I know Dave more on a social level, as we met through a mutual friend at a comic book store. We met years and years ago, and he’s been inviting me to his huge annual parties ever since. Dude throws a HUGE 4th of July party. I like him a great deal and admire him as a writer, as one of the most honest people I know, and as a generous and welcoming man.

So Mark Van Name, who once was a cookie mule for me**, asked me to contribute a story to his anthology for Dave called Onward, Drake!. I fretted for MONTHS until I remembered Mark invited me to write a story inspired by Dave, not a story just like Dave. He could have gotten Dave to do that. (And he did, actually. Dave contributed two stories to the anthology himself, including a brand new Hammer’s Slammers story. But I digress.) So I thought about the conversations Dave and I have had over the years, and one stuck in my mind about history.

So I wrote a story about a fairy historian who has an unexpected welcome when he visits the human plane of existence. The title is, “The Crate Warrior, the Doppelgänger, and the Idea Woman.” I had a lot of fun writing it, and am so happy to be in this book (I’m on the cover, even! I’m in a book with GENE FREAKING WOLFE.) to honor my friend.

Onward, Drake! is available in October. Read what editor Mark Van Name has to say about it.

Here is a tidbit from my story:

And fairies, like us, make movies.

When we discovered this, cultural anthropologists shit themselves, wanting to know how such media technology evolved alongside our own. Film students began studying every piece of fairy film they could get their hands on. And Hollywood, of course, wanted to know how to monetize it.

* Yes, I am a child of the ’80s and yes, when I have an opening I will throw “electric boogaloo” into any sequel I can. Except for perhaps my own books. I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to do that… I should check.
** The real story is less interesting than calling Mark a cookie mule. Someone asked him to carry some gift cookies for me across the country. He was kind enough to do so.

Short Story-arama #1 – MOTHERSHIP ZETA

Mothership-ColorTexture-1x300dpiI mentioned it a while back, but now it’s for real: I’m editor in chief of Escape Artists’ new project, the Mothership Zeta ezine. We are on the second half of a two week open submission period, and I wanted to blog about it here in case people didn’t hear about it somewhere else.

What we want: fun stories. They can be SF, fantasy, horror, whatever as long as it’s spec fic. Fun doesn’t mean silly (but it can), it doesn’t mean humorous (but it can), and it doesn’t even mean happy ending (although usually it does. Cabin in the Woods is my example of fun story that’s also horror and has an unhappy ending.) Who can you read to get an idea of what makes a fun story? John Scalzi and Connie Willis leap to mind immediately.

Anyway, the basic site of Mothership Zeta is live, with submission guidelines, FAQ, and all that.

I’m excited!

Ditch Diggers #13 – Travel

Matt and I got to see each other for the first time in years a couple weekends back, where we drank, played games, and then recorded in a rather hungover way. Since we had traveled to get there, we figured we would talk travel.

BONUS pics by Bruce Press


The evil picnic table.


Told you there was a labyrinth.


The ditch diggers.

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ISBW #349 – Brain Games // Andrea Phillips Interview

Brought to you by Patreon supporter Katie Thibault!

Today I talk how my brain sabotages my creative process and I talk to Andrea Phillips about transmedia and her new book, Revision.

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Ditch Diggers #12.5 – The return of Hurley and Wendig 2, Electric Boogaloo

The other half of the drunken evening with Kameron and Chuck!

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Ditch Diggers #12 – The return of Hurley and Wendig

[NOTE- I’ve fixed the audio problems. If you didn’t like the split channels, please re-download this new file. –ML]

Author powerhouses Kameron Hurley and Chuck Wendig return to Ditch Diggers, this time answering questions from Twitter. We got a lot of questions, so the show ran long, and I cut it into TWO episodes, so you get MORE Hurley and Wendig next week! Whoa!

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ISBW #348 – Stop kicking your own ass // Jen Udden Interview

[NOTE- I’ve fixed the audio problems. If you didn’t like the split channels, please re-download this new file. –ML]

ISBW returns with an agent interview this time, and my plea to stop kicking your own ass. And by you I mean me.

Jen’s podcast, Shipping and Handling.

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New book announcement: SIX WAKES coming from Orbit, fall 2016!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve sold my sci-fi thriller SIX WAKES to Orbit Books for release next fall! Read the official announcement here!

Elevator pitch: This is a clone murder mystery in space. Six clones are crewing a generational spaceship with their fellow clones’ consciousnesses sleeping in servers. Backup bodies are designed to wake when the current body dies. The books starts when our six characters wake up in their new bodies all at once in the middle of the carnage of their own murdered ex-selves, and none of them has any idea which of them is the killer.

I’m excited to be treading new ground with space thrillers, but I promise that the usual dark humor that comes with my books will not be missing. This book has been in the works for a while, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Ditch Diggers #11: When it is NOT OK to suck // Ken Liu Interview

In I Should Be Writing i’m constantly saying that it’s OK to suck. And that’s solid advice.

For new writers.

Then I talk to award winning author and translator Ken Liu.

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