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Those Down Days

The bad thing about being on a regular recording schedule again is I have to podcast even when I don't feel like it.

Bell the Cat

"Maybe we can use prisoners." The eager-faced private was probably a little older than most recruits, but carried herself well as she refilled water glasses in the war room.


I've decided I need some simple lists to help me when I travel and record, and figure those kinds of lists might help with writing, too.

Brain Weasels

I know I know I know I always say these supportive things but sometimes it's hard to listen to myself.

Site Housekeeping

I was on vacation last week and missed posting the latest ISBW.

The Gentlemen’s Cemetery

They told me that all of society's walls — class, racism, sexism — they fall after death.

The Daughters’ Pact

'Dead at school or alive in the woods,' Darla had said. But she had wanted to meet at night, and Serena's closest experience with nature had been her mother's window flower box.

Must you be writing daily? And Robyn Bennis interview!

Is Writing Daily a Necessity?

Feedback with Pacing, the Magical Negro Trope, and more

It's a feedback show where I go back through the spring and clean up the outstanding questions and topics!

Writing conflict with two facets (at least)

We are back to basics this week with conflict and what tools you need in your toolbox to create strong characters and plots.

Writing Podcast News For Your Ear Holes

It's been a banner few weeks! In the past 10 days or so, I've managed to get back onto a weekly schedule, writing podcast-wise.

On Letting Go (and killing darlings)

heavennovel.com is up for renewal. And I don’t think I’m going to do it. This was a surprisingly difficult decision.

Mothership Zeta Issue 6

I just made live the final issue in the current run of Mothership Zeta, Issue 6.

Japanese Cover of The Shambling Guide to New York City

I received the art for the Japanese translation of The Shambling Guide to New York City, and it's amazing.

Six Wakes Audiobook Available!

The audiobook for Six Wakes has shown up on Audible.com.

Books to read! And Six Wakes press!

Today is the launch day for The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley and Idle Ingredients by Matt Wallace. You should run and get both now.

Gamification // Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan Interviews

I discuss how I try to get work done using Habitica and 4thewords.com. Then talk to Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan!

Feedback // Interviews with David D. Levine and Stephen Aryan

Today we go through feedback and talk to David D. Levine and Stephen Aryan.

Post-depression writing // Leanna Renee Hieber and Brooke Johnson interviews

Where I've been for the last two months, and two more interviews with Leanna Renee Hieber and Brooke Johnson!

Peeking out of the burrow

Control, and Interview with Laurence MacNaughton

It's a good idea to realize what you're in control of, and what you're not in control of. The Serenity Prayer is common sense.

New book news!

WorldCon Schedule

SIX WAKES Cover Reveal

The Artist’s Way

DD024 TV Writing with Margaret Dunlap

Coming to you live from Morgan Freeman’s tornado shelter with special guest co-host Margaret Dunlap!


Periscope test

Awards Eligibility Post

DD021 End of Year Review

Advent days 9-12

ADVENTure calendar day 8

ADVENTure Calendar Day 7

ADVENTure Calendar Day 6

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 5

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 4

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 3


ADVENTure Calendar: Day 2

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 1

Crippling Fear

Mothership Zeta launches!

NaNoWriMo Primer 1

The latest bushel of news

Bookburners launches!


Parsec Nominations!


Stretch Goals!


Ditch Diggers has a home page!


Joining the payhip bandwagon

End of the Year, Feedback

Ditch Diggers Sneak Peek!


NaNoWriMo Prep!


Worldspinner Kickstarter



Grief and Writing




Anthology Sale!

Feedback show

Books updated!

Feedback show

Captain Spaulding part 2!



Storium Launches Alpha 2!

Myke Cole Interview

Rapid Fire: Marketing

Shambling Guide Ebook Deal!

Audiobook Recording

I’m back! January Report

Feedback Show!


Help Fund My Robot Army!

Huge Feedback Show #2

Rapid Fire, Pre-WorldCon!

Rapid Fire – One Opinion

Rapid Fire – Real Writers

Magic Spreadsheet Returns!

Matt Wallace Interview

Rapid Fire

Book launch debrief

Sequels are hard


Rapid Fire- Motivation

Book 2 Cover Reveal!

What’s up this week?

Rapid Fire – Style Sheets


Crankypants Writer Attacks

Fabulist Ramblings 38


Fabulist Ramblings #37

Paul Cornell Interview

Fabulist Ramblings #36

Fabulist Ramblings #35


Fabulist Ramblings #34

Fabulist Ramblings #33

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 08

Princess Scientist was busy today, and Rudolph isn't on call yet, so we had some help.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 07

Princess Scientist forgets there's no sound in space

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 06

What do you give the man who gives everything?

Fabulist Ramblings #32

Gahd I need a better schedule

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 05

On the fifth day of advent

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 04

One thing fun about these things is that I'm learning video techniques as we go on.

Fabulist Ramblings #31

Wow I've had A Day. But work calls.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 03

We're both feeling meh today, but we gotta get in that Christmas spirit!

Fabulist Ramblings #30 – I’m back!

Hey Fabulists! I'm back, and address people screaming about Duotrope.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 2

2 day opens Scientist Princess

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 1

It's time to open the advent calendar again!


Post holiday catchup

I'm home from Thanksgiving in Buffalo and pretty useless.

Merry Christmas from the Heartbreakers and Other Stories

I have finally gathered my dozen Christmas short stories into a collection, and have published them via ebook!

Interview with Jared Axelrod

New at Escape Pod: Sprintime for Deathtraps

We have a fun story this week at Escape Pod about deathtraps, in a series that has been popular to our listeners.

Fabulist Update

Hey all you Ink Splattered Fabulists! I’m currently working on a spreadsheet