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DD049 Happiness in darkness

The week in crappy freelance news and how to keep your focus and happiness.

ISBW386 NaNoWriMo Primer 2

Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?

ISBW385 NaNo Primer no. 1

We prepare for NaNoWriMo!

DD048 Sensitivity Editing

What is sensitivity reading and editing, and why do you need it?

ISBW384 The Black Dog Doesn't Care

Dealing with depression

DD047 Being Done & Missing Stairs

From Morgan Freeman's Lasso of Truth Loom, it's time to talk missing stairs.

ISBW383 Point of View

Another back-to-basics podcast, this time covering characterization.

DD046 Hugo report & writerly expectations

From Morgan Freeman's Tobias Funke Memorial Sobbing Shower, we talk Hugo losses.


Back to Basics

Time to get back to some basics!

DD045 The HUGO Games: live from WorldCon

Who will survive the Hugo games? Who will volunteer as tribute?

Awards and Feedback


DD044 Freelance Ditches

How to dig freelance ditches—and what are freelance ditches anyway?

Those Down Days

The bad thing about being on a regular recording schedule again is I have to podcast even when I don't feel like it.

DD043 Care and Feeding of your Author

We are together again talking about care and feeding of the author inside you! Sadly, with technical difficulties.


I've decided I need some simple lists to help me when I travel and record, and figure those kinds of lists might help with writing, too.

Brain Weasels

I know I know I know I always say these supportive things but sometimes it's hard to listen to myself.

DD043 The Freelancer’s Rebuttal Guide

From Morgan Freeman’s Debate Club practice room.

Site Housekeeping

I was on vacation last week and missed posting the latest ISBW.


From Morgan Freeman’s 24 hour news room: What Are People Mad About Today?

Must you be writing daily? And Robyn Bennis interview!

Is Writing Daily a Necessity?

DD040 Ditches for Writers and Parents

Writers who are parents, how do you deal?

Feedback with Pacing, the Magical Negro Trope, and more

It's a feedback show where I go back through the spring and clean up the outstanding questions and topics!

DD039 Punching Hollywood. Metaphorically.

From Morgan Freeman’s Dojo: we gut punch Hollywood.

Writing conflict with two facets (at least)

We are back to basics this week with conflict and what tools you need in your toolbox to create strong characters and plots.

DD038 The Power of No

From Morgan Freeman's bear sanctuary: we talk how powerful NO can be.

Writing Podcast News For Your Ear Holes

It's been a banner few weeks! In the past 10 days or so, I've managed to get back onto a weekly schedule, writing podcast-wise.

DD037 Listener Request & HUGO HUGO HUGO

Mur and Matt come to you live from the mud room of Morgan Freeman’s trophy solarium.

DD035 MASSIVE Feedback Episode

Mur and Matt come to you live from Morgan Freeman’s sauna.

Gamification // Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan Interviews

I discuss how I try to get work done using Habitica and 4thewords.com. Then talk to Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan!

Feedback // Interviews with David D. Levine and Stephen Aryan

Today we go through feedback and talk to David D. Levine and Stephen Aryan.

DD034 End of Year Special

DD033 Etiquette and Protocol

From Morgan Freeman's holiday decorations vault, we cover etiquette just like C3PO.

Post-depression writing // Leanna Renee Hieber and Brooke Johnson interviews

Where I've been for the last two months, and two more interviews with Leanna Renee Hieber and Brooke Johnson!

DD032 “F YOU, Dust!”

From Morgan Freeman’s jazz house, we express hatred for dust.

DD031 The Godparents Episode

From Morgan Freeman’s hotel room, we welcome the godparents!

Control, and Interview with Laurence MacNaughton

It's a good idea to realize what you're in control of, and what you're not in control of. The Serenity Prayer is common sense.

DD030 Networking

From Morgan Freeman's slightly better lawn furniture: we talk networking!

DD029 Birthday Extravaganza

From Morgan Freeman's ball pit, it's our birthday!

DD028 Rolling with it

Coming to you from Morgan Freeman’s server farm...

DD027 Futurism

From Morgan Freeman’s nature walk: we welcome&nbsp;<a href="http://madelineashby.com/">Madeline Ashby</a>!

DD026 Agent/Author Relations

From Morgan Freeman's haberdashery and the tomb of the youngsters, we talk agents and authors.

DD025 The Absolute Guide to Failure 2, Electric Boogaloo

From Morgan Freeman’s doll hospital, we are back to talking failure.

DD024 TV Writing with Margaret Dunlap

Coming to you live from Morgan Freeman’s tornado shelter with special guest co-host Margaret Dunlap!


Periscope test

DD023 Organizamouional Prbklems

Mur and Matt come to you from Morgan Freeman’s Franklin Mint Collector’s Plates room.

DD022 The Guide to Absolute Failure

From Morgan Freeman's five-story igloo: How exactly do you fail at being a pro writer?

DD021 End of Year Review

DD021 End of Year Review

DD020 Internet Memes and Pill Cases


Advent days 9-12

ADVENTure calendar day 8

ADVENTure Calendar Day 7

ADVENTure Calendar Day 6

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 5

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 4

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 3


ADVENTure Calendar: Day 2

ADVENTure Calendar: Day 1

Crippling Fear

DD019 Humor

From Morgan Freeman’s scooter garage...

DD018 Comics Writing

From Morgan Freeman’s musical theater...

NaNoWriMo Primer 1

DD017 Blisters

DD016 Live from Worldcon

Live from WorldCon '15!


DD015 Freelancing

Parsec Nominations!

DD014 Comics

DD013 Travel

DD012 The return of Hurley and Wendig

Kameron and Chuck are back for more.

DD009 Writing to the market

Write for money? Write for art? Why write?


DD007 Conventions

DD006 Awards


DD004 Far too late

DD004 Far Too Late


DD002 Making money is BAD

Artists are supposed to be starving, right?

End of the Year, Feedback

Ditch Diggers Sneak Peek!

DD001 Ditch Diggers Are Here

A new show about the business side of writing.


NaNoWriMo Prep!




Grief and Writing




Feedback show

Feedback show

Captain Spaulding part 2!


Myke Cole Interview

Rapid Fire: Marketing

Audiobook Recording

Feedback Show!


Huge Feedback Show #2

Rapid Fire, Pre-WorldCon!

Rapid Fire – One Opinion

Rapid Fire – Real Writers

Magic Spreadsheet Returns!

Matt Wallace Interview

Rapid Fire

Book launch debrief


Rapid Fire- Motivation

Rapid Fire – Style Sheets



Paul Cornell Interview


Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 08

Princess Scientist was busy today, and Rudolph isn't on call yet, so we had some help.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 07

Princess Scientist forgets there's no sound in space

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 06

What do you give the man who gives everything?

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 05

On the fifth day of advent

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 04

One thing fun about these things is that I'm learning video techniques as we go on.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 03

We're both feeling meh today, but we gotta get in that Christmas spirit!

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 2

2 day opens Scientist Princess

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 1

It's time to open the advent calendar again!


Interview with Jared Axelrod

New at Escape Pod: Sprintime for Deathtraps

We have a fun story this week at Escape Pod about deathtraps, in a series that has been popular to our listeners.