I Should Be Writing is out in two weeks!

I Should Be Writing coverIt’s hard to believe, but my book based on the show, I Should Be Writing, will be out in two short weeks! You can preorder through most any seller, and preordering is a happy, happy thing for authors to have. If you want to wait till you hold it in your hands, that’s awesome too, because hey, sales are cool.

It has a lot of content from the shows, but it also has writing prompts and comments from your angel and devil shoulder citizens, or as I like to call them, the muse and the bully. I hope you check it out!

Bookburners Season Three!

I know I’m a few weeks late, but Bookburners Season Three is out at Serial Box! If you’re a fan of the first two seasons, the wait is over and you can start to read (or listen) to our highest-stake season yet! You won’t know who to trust and who to count on, and you really won’t believe what we have in store.

You can read the news at the Barnes and Noble Blog, and learn more about subscribing at Serial Box.

If you’re not a Bookburners listener/reader, then you can start with Season One in book form!

Ditch Diggers is on August hiatus

Matt and I are taking a break, with so much travel and moving this month. We will be back in September, and you’ll have the Worldcon episode to tide you over before then. See you in a month!

Where is Mur at WorldCon?

I haven’t posted my schedule yet! Yikes!

Anyway, next week (!!!) I will be at WorldCon in Helsinki, Finland, and doing panels and signings (ok, signing singluar, I aint GRRM after all) and a LIVE Ditch Diggers and game shows and the Hugo Ceremonies, where I am totally prepared to lose and just have a good time.

Since I’m nominated and it’s my first Hugo nomination, I am bowing out of the official liveblogging of the Hugos this year, but I’ll be back next year! Cheryl and Kevin will be there doing their usual awesome job.

Here’s my schedule. Come say hi!

(My GOD I hate wordpress. I tried very hard to make this look good and then WordPress said, “Mmm, nah, you want it this way instead.” I give up. Here’s the schedule, haphazard large text and all)

Signing: Mur Lafferty

Thursday 12:00 – 13:00, Signing area (Messukeskus)

Ditch Diggers
Thursday 17:00 – 18:00, 101 a & b (Messukeskus)

A live recording of the Hugo Finalist Fancast, Ditch Diggers. Host Mur Lafferty and special guest host Alasdair Stuart will have games and interviews designed to navigate the tricky business of publishing.

I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue
Thursday 21:00 – 22:00, 102 (Messukeskus)

The classic British radio gameshow – basically an excuse for 4 panelists and the host to play childish games for an hour.

Sports in Fiction and How to Write Them
Friday 11:00 – 12:00, 204 (Messukeskus)

Sports appear in one form or another in quite a lot of many genre stories. There are fictional sports from Quidditch to Pyramid, as well as non-fictional sports such as football (Unseen Academicals) or baseball (Summer Country). The panelists talk about how to make sports appealing, especially when read from the pages of a book.

Hugo Ceremony
Friday 19:30 – 22:30, Hall 1

You may or may not see me. There’s no guarantee I will be on stage.

On the Care and Feeding of Secondary Characters
Saturday 18:00 – 19:00, 205 (Messukeskus)

Your protagonists are fully fleshed out and fully realized but your other characters could use some work. How do you bring life to the rest of the people in your story without taking the spotlight from your main characters?

ISBW 380: Coming up for air/ Every book is your first

I recover from the latest depression cloud and enter into pre-vacation frenzy. This one is late, and the next one will be two weeks from this one. (August 14)

Ditch Diggers will be on hiatus for most of August, as I’m traveling and Matt is moving, and we’re both super frantic busy.

But here I recover from my latest short depressive period, and talk about why writing my new book is hard. Every book is your first, according to Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman.

If you’re going to WorldCon, let me know! And come to the live Ditch Diggers show on Thursday!

And HEY preorder my book cause it’s awesome!

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Ditch Diggers #44: Gavia Baker-Whitelaw and Freelance Ditches

How to dig freelance ditches

And what are freelance ditches anyway?
Digging Freelance Ditches: Sniper with doberman

  • Mur and Matt come to you live from Morgan Freeman’s Pop Culture Popcorn Boutique, and Mur actually lets Matt do the intros.
  • The Ditch Diggers welcome special guest co-host, staff writer for The Daily Dot and pop culture analyst extraordinaire, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw!
  • Everyone immediately agrees that Gavia’s mom would make the best agent ever, and that would also be her pro-wrestling gimmick.
  • Gavia talks about being a full-time writer for The Daily Dot and her areas of expertise.
  • Matt asks Gavia what makes a good cultural criticism writer, and Gavia does her best to answer such a broad question.
  • Gavia talks about how livejournal fanfiction led to her current career, how she selects topics to cover, and the life of a piece at The Daily Dot.
  • Gavia talks about her side project The Rec Center and being steeped in fandom as a writer.
  • The validity of liquids in sandwiches, and the validity of fanfiction as a writing medium.
  • Twitter Q&A, including how a book, movie, etc. gets the attention of a market like The Daily Dot.

Links of interest:

Note: Mur will be appearing at WorldCon in Helsinki in a few weeks and doing a LIVE Ditch Diggers with writer and publisher Alasdair Stuart standing in for Matt (with Matt’s approval, naturally. We’re not staging a coup to replace Matt even though Al does have a better accent.) See my program here!

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ISBW #379: Those Down Days

The bad thing about being on a regular recording schedule again is I have to podcast even when I don’t feel like it. So sometimes it’s just about the mental health. This is a short, low energy podcast, but I’m really fine, trust me. Just had a bad start to the week with migraine and super low energy. I’m doing much better now, but figured I should post this because I try to be honest with the look inside a writer’s life, and sometimes there are days like this.

Mentioned: The War of Art.

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Ditch Diggers #43: Care and Feeding of your Author

We are together again talking about care and feeding of the author inside you! Sadly, with technical difficulties.

Care and Feeding Show Notes

  • Fuck hemingway. And a pierMatt and Mur come to you live, actually in-person (well, the two of them are, anyway) from Morgan Freeman’s Outside OBGYN Clinic.
  • Matt’s fictional uterus and a brief history of why we’re talking about it on this episode.
  • Actually, Matt and Mur are at their yearly retreat in the backwoods of Ohio with friends and family, several of whom are in the audience during the recording of this episode.
  • Matt and Mur introduce the topic of this episode, “the care and feeding of your author” (a topic suggested by Matt’s fiancée, Nikki).
  • How writers and the writing industry/community emphasize doing the work over taking care of yourself, physically.
  • Mur talks about how we romanticize the Hemingway-esque and Poe-esque stereotypes of the alcohol-soaked, depressed author and why that is obviously wrong and harmful.
  • Self-care, how alcohol and writing don’t mix, and Matt’s unabashed love for Mott’s for Tots apple juice and how it can replace the former habit.
  • Mur and Matt talk about smoking and drug abuse, citing writers like Joe Ezsterhaus and Stephen King as examples of how both invariably go disastrously wrong when you mix them with your career.
  • The episode is cut abruptly short, and Mur explains why (and offers apologies, although we did the best we could).

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[P1] Bell the Cat

The Page One Project / June 29, 2017

Bell the Cat“Maybe we can use prisoners.”

The eager-faced private was probably a little older than most recruits, but carried herself well as she refilled water glasses in the war room.

Admiral Kang looked around slowly, murder in her eyes. “Did someone ask your opinion?”

“Er, no ma’am, I just thought if you can’t find someone to risk their lives in the barrel, then you could perhaps send a prisoner in there to do it.” The private swallowed nervously and her hand tightened on the water jug.

“The weapon will probably kill them during the test fire. That’s what happens when you’re in a barrel of a giant weapon. If they face death on the outside why would they face death on the inside?”

“Well, you said it would ‘probably’ kill them. If the weapon doesn’t kill them, then you can promise to release them?” the private said, her voice dry.

Admiral Kang briefly considered this. Then she shook her head.

“The problem, I think, is the weapon’s design,” Captain Folda said, leaning back in his chair his feet lifting slightly off the floor. “Test fires are suicide. Who thought it was a good idea to place the diagnostic computer inside the actual barrel of the weapon?”

Kang glared at the short man. She hated the way he spoke, unsure and hesitant, always saying “I think” when it was bloody obvious that when he spoke, he was thinking the words that came out of his mouth.

“Of course it’s in the design. That’s why we can’t fix it. That’s why we need a workaround,” she said. “I wish I could put the actual design team in there to fire the weapon. That would be fitting punishment.”

“All are dead but one,” said Dr. Wu, the physicist who oversaw the project. He looked at a tablet and scrolled through some names. “One of the designers: an Aleksandra Zielinski. A prodigy, it seems.”

The private had begun to slink from the room, obviously hoping to escape now that the focus was elsewhere.

“Private,” Admiral Kang barked. “What did you say your name was?”

What happens next? That’s up to you.

Read more about The Page One Project here.

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