Awardy Eligible Things!

It’s HEY I AM ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS time again! So hang up your Hugo stocking and start singing those Nebula carols and cook the Locus beast! Here’s what I accomplished in 2017:

Did I forget something? Probably. I’m bad with the “what hat am I wearing at this point in time?” problem.

Not-Me Work That’s Awesome Too

I don’t like to promote too much of other people’s stuff for awards time, partly because I feel so bummed when others post their favorite stuff and my work doesn’t make the cut. I’m a softie. But I would like to put forth a few things I enjoyed, namely:

  • Ursula Vernon’s Hugo acceptance speech for Best Related Work,  (although B&N published it as a flash story so maybe it’s eligible for best short story?)
  • clipping’s The Deep for Best Short Dramatic Work
  • The Good Place Season 1 for Best Long Dramatic Work

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