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Ditch Diggers #8: Why you should NOT crowdfund or self-pub

Despite what the gurus tell you, crowdfunding and self publishing are not the golden ticket to magical unicorn success. Some people shouldn’t go this route. We discuss those people in this episode.

Also, Matt has robot-saving delusions of grandeur. And I challenge him to write me a story.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Southeast Reading Series – TONIGHT

Date: Friday, April 24, 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Edge Workshop Room, Bostock Library

Tonight I’ll be appearing at Duke University with several other area SFF writers for the Southeast reading series. Should be fun! It’s free, so drop by if you like.

The SFWA Southeast Reading Series will present a panel on science fiction and technology with authors Mark Van Name, Mur Lafferty, Richard Dansky, Jay Posey, Justin Achilli, and (via Skype) Tiffany Trent. The panel will be moderated by Hillsborough author and editor M. David Blake.

The panel will be followed by a question and answer session, and a chance to mingle with the authors.

Join me at the Buffet of Authors for the Durham County Library

On May 16, The Durham Library Foundation is doing a “dine out with authors” event where you can, well, dine with authors. The SFF bunch, which includes, among others, me, Monica Byrne, James Maxey, and Clay & Susan Griffith, will be dining at Basan in downtown Durham, NC. (Sushi! I haven’t been there yet!)

If you want to be part of this, you can buy tickets at the Read Local site!

Stretch Goals!

I think I will put on my tombstone: Mur Lafferty: STRETCH GOAL. I love helping out friends on Kickstarter projects, and currently I’m a stretch goal on two!

One is the JR Blackwell photography project, In Their Own Worlds. I’ve mentioned this one before, but I want to mention again cause dammit, I’m a high stretch goal and I really want to do this project! I love JR and her work! It’s funded, but not to the Shambling Guide level yet! [NOTE- As of April 26, halfway there!]

[NOTE- Stretch Goal Made!] The second is from my good friend Dave Thompson, former co-editor of Podcastle, who is putting together a short story collection called And Welcome Back, Stories. It’s close, but not quite close enough to the $2000 stretch goal of the guest author chapbook (including Matt Fn Wallace and Ann Fn Leckie, winner of ALL the 2014 awards.)

Ditch Diggers #7: Conventions // Brianna Wu Interview

I was sick when we recorded this. We talk conventions, why to go, why to not go, and your questions. Also, an interview with Brianna Wu from Giant Spacekat that I got at Boskone this year! We talk about her game Revolution 60 and then geek out hardcore about games.

(This was recorded before the Hugo announcement over Easter.)

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ISBW #345: The pride of busy-ness // Interview with Dora Goss

Sometimes talking about how busy we are is a sense of pride and not something to fix. Maybe we should rethink that. Then I talk to Dora Goss.

Ditch Diggers coming tomorrow!

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In Their Own Worlds Photography Project

I’ve worked with J.R. Blackwell for years, I’ve hired her for covers, I’ve modeled for her, I’ve purchased her photographs, and have always, always been impressed with the way she sees the world. When she came to me a few months ago with this idea, throwing authors into their own worlds for a photography project, I was 100% on board.

JR Blackwell took this one!

JR Blackwell took this one!

Putting me in Central Park with a whole bunch of monsters is a stretch goal here, and a high one, but there are some other amazing authors in the project, and I’m hoping we can work to unlock some more photo shoots for JR to do. She’s amazingly talented and I am really hoping for this to fund. So check it out!

Podcast Hall of Fame! w00t!

I’ve been sick for a few days with a cold and major migraines, so pardon my delay in, well, everything. I have stuff recorded, and it should go up shortly.

So, news! This July, I’ll be inducted into Podcast Academy’s Hall of Fame! I’ll be going to Fort Worth, TX, for the ceremony, and I’ll be there with my friend Scott Sigler. I can’t wait, it’s a real honor, and I’m excited to see Scott. I’m still a bit stunned.

Interviews: I gave a video interview to Buzzy Mag last November, and that was recently posted.

Ghost Train to New Orleans Ep. 23

Ghost Train to New Orleans

The final episode of of Ghost Train to New Orleans, is here via FREE podcast!

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Thanks for coming along with the ride!

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