At Long Last, the Magic Spreadsheet!

I interviewed Tony Pisculli about the “Magic Spreadsheet” the only thing in the entire history of history that has gotten me to write every day since Dec. 3 (nearly 24000 words). I’ve written on sick days, travel days, residency days, and holidays. It may not work for everyone but it’s sure as hell worked for me. So here’s a short interview of Tony and I walking and talking about the magic spreadsheet (hence the change in background noise) and below is the link to the magic spreadsheet. Add your name at the bottom (and if you feel like it, put ISBW next to your name so I can follow who’s tracking) and start tracking! And it goes without saying, but don’t mess with anyone else’s numbers.

The Magic Spreadsheet — UPDATED LINK AUG 12, 2014

by Mur

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