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ISBW #367: NaNoWriMo Special with Grant Faulkner

I was lucky enough to talk to Grant Faulkner, the grand poobah of NaNoWriMo!

Are you ready for November?

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ISBW #354 – NaNoWriMo Primer 2

PrintIt’s NaNoWriMo day! Here’s a special episode for you: if the haters make you hesitate on whether you should do this or not, then listen to this episode. Also, there’s some feedback at the end!

I recorded it a little over a week ago, before my vacation, hence the time lag.

In case you don’t know, I am doing a daily show for my Patreon supporters. All you have to do is support at $1 a month and you can get a daily audio or video note from me! If you’re not up for a dollar, then you can look into the past episodes about NaNoWriMo where I discuss advice, tools, and more. Note – one of my favorite tracking tools has been updated! Check out Susanna’s Pacemaker! Here’s a link to my daily goals, with consideration to write less on the weekends.

Today’s podcast brought to you by ISBW Hall of Famer Ben Seims! This month’s theme song is by John Anealio!

My progress compared with my friend Andrea Phillips:

And then my favorite tracker, from Writertopia

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ISBW #353 – NaNoWriMo Primer 1

As we look forward two weeks to NaNoWriMo, I have to talk about something very unpopular. This year I challenge you to kill your darlings.

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My other projects include contributing to Bookburners, a serial novelette series that is six episodes in, and an ezine launching this month called Mothership Zeta? NOW YOU DO.

This is episode one, by Max Gladstone! You’ll remember him from the tiara club of 2013. —>
My first episode is number four, linked below the line.

This show brought to you by Hall of Famer Scott Bennett. Thanks Scott!

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John Anealio’s NaNoWriMo Music, and more

As I peek up from the hell that is this week, I gasp for air and leave you with the news that John Anealio is offering his NaNoWriMo EP for “pay what you want.” He wrote both the ISBW theme song and the NaNoWriMo song, and you can get both songs (and two remixes) for whatever you like to pay. John has always been a supporter of my work and I like to send people his way for his awesome music.


Speaking of NaNoWriMo, well…

or, more officially with live updates:

Yeah…. But I’m still going. I am not giving up this month.

NaNoWriMo Prep!

Participant-2014-Square-ButtonI’m doing a daily ISBW show focused on NaNoWriMo for Patreon supporters – for as little as a buck a month you can get a daily show while you do NaNoWriMo.

If you can’t, or don’t want to support via Patreon, then be sure to check out last year’s posts on the subject!

* I’m doing the “rising to the challenge” system. Day 1’s wordcount is only 108, but Day 30’s wordcount is a whopping 3210.

Good luck!

ISBW #334 – NaNoWriMo Prep // Charlaine Harris Interview

midnightcrossroad-199x300I’m back from technical difficulties, ready to talk about NaNoWriMo! Also got the amazing Charlaine Harris as this week’s interview.

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Reading Now: Dust, by Elizabeth Bear
Writing (editing) Now: Afterlife Series 6: Stones

NaNoWriMo podcast day 30 – The End

Did you finish? I didn’t! Here’s the last episode for all you winners, and ‘losers’ too!

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 25 – When in Doubt #5 – Consume media!

Some people want to be “pure” when they write, consuming no media, and definitely not things associated with what they are writing. I say PISH TOSH.

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 24 – Should you take a day off?

It’s the holidays, things are stressful, and you might be wanting to take some time off. Should you?

And sorry about the lack of prompts for the next few eps. I didn’t have the energy and then I didn’t have the time.

Writing prompt- Monsters! Monsters, aliens, vampires, zombies, etc, they all need things to survive. Even supernaturals, if they don’t eat, they either get very cranky or very slow/sick. So if your characters comes across a monster, consider its habitat. It didn’t come to be in that room/cave/what have you just waiting for the character. It had to be eating something this time. What – or who – was it?

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 23 – Thanksgiving preparation

Sorry to international fans, we’re talking about how to get through Thanksgiving!

And sorry about the lack of prompts for the next few eps. I didn’t have the energy and then I didn’t have the time.

Writing prompt- What’s your character’s favorite holiday? And if they’re not of this earth, there should still be holidays, and which one do they prefer?