2013 – Not a bad year

2013 was a weird year for me. Personally and professionally, it was amazing. To many people around me, and close to me, it could have been a hell of a lot better. 2013 brought me the launch of my first book (call it traditionally published, or professionally published, or whatever) in May, which was a huge thrill (The Shambling Guide to NYC). I got asked to be part of a large video game project that was crowdfunded over $1 million (Torment). I became part of another storytelling project (Storium) that should take off next year. And even though graduation will be in January, I still feel as though I’ve ended my MFA program at Stonecoast this year, as my thesis is turned in and my presentation nearly done.

One of the biggest thrills of 2013, and, indeed, my life, was winning the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Author, which I completely didn’t expect. Last year I learned how to lose an award, and I was fully prepared this year. I still feel somewhat stunned when I think about that night.

Another unexpected thing was getting nominated for the RT Best Urban Fantasy award, which cemented my decision to attend the RT conference next year in New Orleans, where the award will be given. (Also, Ghost Train to New Orleans was completed this year, and will launch next year. I may be hosting a party in NOLA. Stay tuned.)

I had my first Guest of Honor gig at VCon, which was, well, an honor. (Also I was GoH alongside Dan Wells, who is a delightful man and a disturbing writer, and John Kovalic, who I managed to spend time and only squee and fangirl at once.) It’s a great con, and I highly recommend attending if you’re in that area of the country.

I got a new agent this year, Jen Udden with the Donald Maass Literary Agency, and I’m excited to be working with her. She’s already giving me tons of feedback to make my WiP better.

Personally, the family is doing great, the kiddo is loving middle school and the husband just celebrated his first year at Google, and is loving working there. Jim made it to San Antonio with me so he could hold my hand at the Hugo Awards, and we also had a few other family trips.

The year had its downsides too. We had several family health problems, including Jim getting hit by a car in May, and some other family issues that it’s not my place to put in public. Most of our issues are resolved, or healing, now, and right now I feel lucky, because things could have gone so much worse.

What does 2014 look like? Well, I certainly hope there will be fewer vehicular accidents. I have the book coming out in March, and I will be doing Torment work early in the year. My convention schedule includes, for sure, RT in May and WorldCon (LonCon!) in August. I’m graduating from Stonecoast in January. I’m teaching at the Shared Worlds camp for teens in July.

And in the middle of it all, I’ll be writing and podcasting like always. This month marks 9 years podcasting for me. NINE. Per tradition, I forgot the actual anniversary. But at least I hit the month, right?

My new year, I hope, will contain more creation and less fear. (I will be blogging about fear later on this week.) More fun and less nursing loved ones back to health. (Of course if they need it, I’ll be there. I more hope they will not need the nursing.) Exercise, running, perhaps even a return to kung fu. But as we all do, I’d just want to take it one day at a time.

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